Customs brokerage AEO36

Import / Export Customs Brokerage

Mitsubishi Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Certified as AEO Custom Broker by the Royal Thai Customs Authority

Mitsubishi Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) – Certified Customs Broker, by the Royal Thai Customs Authority. Today AEO program is globally undertaken in various countries, for the purpose of upgrading the security of the supply chain and of contributing to trade facilitation, in accordance with the guideline established by World Customs Organization. The customs authority gives AEO holders the recognition as who have sufficient capacity to carry on safe and secure operation.

Customs Brokerage service:

  • Customs formalities/customs clearance for both air and sea freight.
  • Refund of customs duties and taxes.
  • BOI approval of raw material by data transfer system.

Mitsubishi Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
AEO (Customs Broker) Reference Number; THCB570007
Certification Date; October 28, 2014.